Loans betweens individual


Between individuals, a real loan
It is true that this solution, which is developing more and more in the family environment, is much less formal than a credit granted by a banker, who will require a certain number of supporting documents - income, expenses - before whether or not to lend money. In many cases this is a "depreciable" loan (each month you will have to pay a monthly installment made up of capital and interest), the rate of which is 2% for a consumer credit and the fixed term. And if the debtor can not settle or a multiple monthly payments, the penalties fall. In addition, you should know that in a financial institution, the funds will be issued after a period of between 7 and 14 days.

Credit between individuals: flexibility and ease
Compared to a bank loan, the family or friendly loan solution offers the advantage of flexibility and ease: the rules of the game are freely determined between the parties. It can thus be decided that the capital will be repaid at the fixed term, at a very low interest rate, or even zero. However, it is strongly advised to observe a certain formalism if one lends money to one of his friends or one of his children, so that this help does not turn into a big misunderstanding that ends in the office of the judge or ... by a tax adjustment. The loan of money between individuals therefore requires formalizing this act by a contract established between the interested parties and including terms of reimbursement clearly understandable. If the loan of money without a bank does not require a cooling-off period, it is nevertheless recommended to take several days before signing a contract or an acknowledgment of debt, this allows to take into account the financial commitment of the bank. borrower but also the lender. For more information please contact the address email or via whatsapp

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