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Do you want to make a loan without going through a financial organization? The peer-to-peer loan allows you to borrow from someone with a cash reserve for an amount below the threshold imposed by banks. By opting for a loan between individuals, you make sure that a sum of money will be made available to you to meet your needs, and that you will then be able to repay little by little without going through the banking systems. I offer you credit offers between individuals ranging from a sum of 2000 € to 5000000 € at a fixed annual rate of 2%, and this, benefiting from a more supervised approach because you will have to provide guarantees Such as a photocopy of your identity document, your current address, a copy of your payslip and an acknowledgment of debt as written proof of the transaction. You will have to choose the duration of the loan between 1 and 30 years and the amount you want to borrow For more information please contact my email or whatsapp
Whatsapp: +32 488 85 00 24