15 novembre 2020


QUICK AND SERIOUS INDIVIDUAL MONEY LOAN OFFER We provide you with loans with very flexible conditions. Our rates are relatively low and vary between 2% and 3%. Choosing the Personal Loan means benefiting from a fixed interest rate. Between 2% and 3%, it does not change during the entire term of your loan. You choose the amount and the duration best suited to your situation. Thanks to the Personal Loan, you can borrow an amount of  3000 € to  1000,000 € over a period of 12 to 360 months, i.e. 1 to 30 years. ... [Lire la suite]

19 octobre 2020


INDIVIDUAL LOAN TESTIMONIAL If I found the smile again, it's thanksto Mrs. Patrica Van Der Velden that I received a loan of 200000 € andtwo of my colleagues also received loans fromthis man without any difficulties with a rate of 2%by An. I advise you not to make mistakesperson if you actually want to applyloan of money for your project and any other. I publishthis message because Mrs. concetta todaro has done me good withthis loan.It was through a friend that I met thisMrs. honest and generous who allowed me to obtain this loan.So... [Lire la suite]
28 novembre 2019


I AM AN INDIVIDUAL WHO OFFERS LOANS INTERNATIONAL. RATE 2%   HelloI am an individual of financial experts able to make you a loan ranging from 5000 € to 5,500,000 € for a rate of 2% per year to anyone able to repay and with conditions that will make your life easier.Are you looking for a loan urgently? is :To revive your financial activities?To renovate the interior of your apartment; House; building ?Rent?Buying a car?Credit for the wedding?Settlement of a debt?For the realization of a project?Or for other reasons etc ... ... [Lire la suite]
10 septembre 2019

A solution for your financial needs

A solution for your financial needs   A solution for your financial needs Do you need short or long term loan to realize a big project ??? Do you need loan to buy your house ??? Are you banned ??? Have you been denied credit at the bank ??? Because your credit does not meet their standards ?? You can get credit between serious individual. You dream of owning your own home, but have you been denied a mortgage because of an insufficient loan? Whether you have had late payments or over-indebtedness, a divorce or job loss or... [Lire la suite]
06 août 2019

service-group-finance aids your credits

service-group-finance aids your credits You are an individual in need of a loan for debt consolidation or any other personal needs because your banking institution has refused you a credit so please contact me to have a personal loan and get satisfaction. Need an urgent loan without ceiling and in a short time more worries I am willing to grant you loans with a very low interest rate. For more information please contact the address Email or via whatsapp Whatsapp: +32 4888 500 24 Gmail: patriciavandervelden@outlook.fr  
26 juillet 2019

Loans between individuals

Loans betweens individual Between individuals, a real loanIt is true that this solution, which is developing more and more in the family environment, is much less formal than a credit granted by a banker, who will require a certain number of supporting documents - income, expenses - before whether or not to lend money. In many cases this is a "depreciable" loan (each month you will have to pay a monthly installment made up of capital and interest), the rate of which is 2% for a consumer credit and the fixed term. And if the debtor... [Lire la suite]

18 juillet 2019

loan offer between individual

loan offer between individual Would you like to take out a credit, a loan to individuals, simple, fast, serious and adapted to your needs? Simulate your credit free of charge via our form and make your request online.You need financing for your home, for your business, for car purchase, for motorcycle purchase, for the creation of your own business, for your personal needs, more doubt. We pay personal loans ranging from € 5,000 to € 60,000,000 with a nominal interest rate of 2% regardless of the amount. Please specify in your loan... [Lire la suite]
14 juillet 2019

loan offer between serious and honest individual

loan offer between serious and honest individual FAST AND SIMPLE LOAN PROCESS THAT ENABLES YOU TO SET YOUR DEBT Whether you are an individual French, Swiss, Canadian, Belgian, Portuguese, Italian ... anywhere in the world, - You are looking for a loan of money for the realization of your project- You have been rejected by your banks- You need a loan to clear your debts, pay your bills or set up a project Your financial worries are now over, Financial-group-service has Loan granting capacity of € 3,000 to € 5,000,000 with a... [Lire la suite]
23 juin 2019

I am willing to grant you a loan between 2000 € to 90.000 € (Quick and reliable loan.)

Hello Mrs. and Mr. I am willing to grant you a loan between € 2000 to € 90,000 (fast and reliable loan.)I amin partnership with several banks who assist me with that. with a 2% interest, I can yougrant this loan with all possible insurance and bank guarantees, because beingI do not want to violate the law on usury, it's up to you to seemonthly paymentscan repay up to 35 years. these are our loan termsE mail or via whatsapp Whatsapp: +32 488 85 00 24   Gmail: patriciavandervelden@outlook.fr  
20 juin 2019

Student loan

Student loan Give wings to your future. Because education is the best investment to build your future, Finance offers Loan Studies from 2% TAEG fixed! An adapted credit rate to finance your tuition and your current expenses (housing, travel, supplies ...). For more information please contact the email or via whatsapp Whatsapp: +32 488 85 00 24   Gmail: patriciavandervelden@outlook.fr